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Hi, I’m Ash

Modern celebrant

Down-to-Earth Sydney Marriage Celebrant

  • Relaxed, Light-Hearted Ceremonies
  • Fun, humorous, engaging and inclusive

  • Bride-zillas or Groomasaurus Rexes

  • Overly gushy, corny ceremonies with dove releases

More about Ash

The average Australian celebrant is a retired old lade with 7 cats*. Do you want your wedding to be ‘average’?

*This is an entirely made up statistic

Ash Reynolds in a colourful, patterned suit, embodying his unique and vibrant approach to wedding celebrancy, perfect for fun and memorable ceremonies.
Ash Reynolds officiating a same-sex wedding, dressed in a vibrant suit, showcasing his inclusive and colorful approach to modern celebrancy.

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It's May 2024. No one cares.

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If the ‘down-to-earth’ salespoint isn’t enough for you, I’ve bought a tonne of quirky suits too…

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Most celebrants keep their database of readings and rituals until you book them. Mine are here if you want them

According to mum, I am…

Australia’s Best Celebrant

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  • Winner of three 5-star celebrant awards

  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance