I’ll give you a very real, very legal Official Commonwealth Certificate of Marriage with a registration number printed on it to take home to frame and tell everyone you’re married. HOWEVER, this one is pretty basic, it just says “I Ash, solemnised the marriage between John Smith and Jane Doe”, signature, signature, signature.

Image of a Commonwealth Marriage Certificate, exemplifying the official documentation couples receive on their wedding day with Ash Reynolds.


The NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages offer a more detailed certificate that I can purchase on your behalf ($60) using your registration number. This one is what institutions like banks, and name change departments are expecting when they say they need your marriage certificate. It contains more information like your parents names and your dates of birth. For the sake of $60, trust me, just tell me to organise it!

Sample image of the optional NSW Marriage Certificate, available for couples who choose to receive this additional official document post-ceremony with Ash Reynolds